The Passport

passportcoverO Sullivan


As anyone who has walked The Camino de Santiago, in Europe will know there is a passport issued at the start of the walk. In Ireland this passport is available at St. James Gate Dublin. This is a free passport and entitles the holder to very cheap accommodation along the way in Hostels etc, and in Santiago after inspection, an end of walk certificate is issued, wonderful. The Camino de Santiago is a long time established and there is accommodation to cater for all tastes and pockets. For ourselves on long walks we like to live very frugally, we find it adds a new dimension to the walk.passport1

 The Beara Breifne Way also has a passport available. It was launched in 2018 in a blaze of publicity. Unfortunalely this passport costs 10 euro, 12euro including postage ! and  this passport entitles you to..... nothing.....But you can buy 10 passports for 90 euro,

Now who on earth dreamt this one up .

It sounds like good old rip off Ireland on the loose again. This needs to be looked at again and maybe some changes made to the passport's monetary and achievement value.

 So as you progress along the walk, Passport stamps are available at various locations, mostly supermarkets, filing stations and pubs. The stamp's are very nice and each one depicts a local theme. There is a problem with the stamp locations though as they can be difficult to track down, but we had fun trying.


Very Dissapointing to reach the end of the walk in Blacklion

and to find no Final Stamp Available.