Sunday 24th February 2019

Day 26 Glinsk to Ballinlough

Distance 20 k

Track Easy

Terrain  roads small amount on Main road

Stamp    Daybreak garage Ballinlough


wwellIt was a cooler morning, possibly there had been an overnight frost, the wind was at our back and it was dry. Walking conditions were perfect as we left Glinsk. We used Ordinance Survey Maps all the way as there is no marked route as we leave the Suck Valley Way Loop, which heads off to Ballymoe and Castlerea. Our O'Sullivan Beara Walk leads us towards Sliabh O'Flynn near Ballinlough. We followed small quiet Sunday morning roads that cross the main road twice on route to Tobinstown, the traffic is slim to light. In Marnellsgrove there is a partially hidden well that someone had taken the time to construct here.

As we stood on the Bridge crossing Island River, our thoughts are of that cold snowy January day when weary, hungry, shattered ones dragged and carried each other through deep snow, across cold waters with hope for the future. Of how many more today with the same hope, are faced with the same fate throughout the World due to Greed and the need for Power and domination........ Imagine All The People Sharing All The World.........river1



From here we are joined by two friends David and Maria who shared the next 10km. of the road. David had taken part in Donncha O'Dulaing's O'Sullivan Beara Charity Walk in 1987 which was documented by R.T.E. Television and Radio, so it was a privelige for us to have his and Maria's company this morning. We passed close to the foot of Sliabh O'Flynn, where O'Sullivan's party were free to camp up for the night having received a friendly welcome from the local O' Flynn Clan. they light camp fires to ward off the night cold. During the night they received a warning that some local factions intended to attack them at daybreak. They built up the fires and left at once again without rest,still heading North.

Our road was shortened  today due to having company ,     gioraionn beirt bothar






We found no trace of the O'Flynn Castle in or around Ballinlough. It was captured during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 and later blown up by Cromwell.  we had our Passport Stamped in the Daybreak Garage in Ballinlough.

Today's walk was straightforward and enjoyable, we seem to be getting fitter as days pass. We are eating well, and resting well, walking at our own pace, luxuries not afforded to those who once traversed this route in hardship and whose footsteps we now trace.