Wednasday 6th February 2019

Day 9 Ballyvourney To Millstreet

Distance 24k

Terrain, mixed, some very wet roads, mountain tracks.

Track, Easy to moderate . Endurance required

Stamp location Herlihys Centra Millstreet 

clara mountain

A long quiet night's rest in Millstreet it was heavy rain overnight, and it was still raining as we drove penny to Ballyvourney to park up for the day in Mills Inn car park.

jimsgn5When we asked permission to park here while walking in this area, in the best cork accent we were told no problem "Girl"

This morning's walk vegan with a gentle clime from behind the village just as the rain stopped. Once across the stile there's an almost hidden entrance between two big rocks in onto Farmland.

There is a bit of a roundabout walk here but we are pleased to have access through the farmland and onto the mountain. Further on there is a circumference of s large field which we later realised was to keep us off swampy ground. Here we crossed a stile and onto a track along the front edge of the forest which turned upwards along a firebreak. As we reached the top we noticed two long coated wild horses climbing over some rocks nearby.

The morning conditions were perfect for walking, dry partially sunny but not too hot. We are wearing just one layer underneath our coats today. Young and mature trees line our pathway here, perhaps a spillover from the forestry and are naturalising. A Snipe sppearea in front of us several times as if to be our morning guide.

The track then led us away into a more mature area with some fallen trees and fast flowing water along our path. It was not possible to avoid walking in the water here. Soon we were on a more solid well maintained forest track. Then the track narrowed onto s newly laid still soft and muddy track. We walked in the gulley for a while to avoid the deep mud. This will be s good track in time when it firms up.


The forestry are harvesting further along sna its firm under foot again.

A fallen tree makes for perfect picnic seating, but not for long as we cool down very quickly after the heat of the climb.jukerrybridgeSoon we cross a little bridge over a river and the kingdom of Kerry greets us for 1 km. Alas no sign of Captain Farrell!! In the distance the blade from s wind turbine makes an appearance, we have reached our highest climb for the day on Mullaghanish. Then we entered a massive windfarm we traverse to and fro for several Kms. Meandering around the turbines following yellow arrows, lots of Kms walked here but the ground underfoot was sound and dry.jj mullaghanish

Eventually after an hour of listening to the swoosh of blades we were glad to leave them behind. With thanks to a local landowner and Cork County council we crossed Coomacheo bog bridge, which kept us on dry footing for a while before going up a sloshy track along a forest and then down and out of the forest. We walked a short distance downhill on a roadway before crossing over into farmland. It was uphill from here and so narrow that the Sheep couldn't even do a ewe turn. We were walking along the furze line of Clara Mountain just the width for two feet, it's necessary to stop to take a look around as its not safe to do so while walking. Below in the distance we got a glimpse of Millstreet but no! not now it's back uphill again into a magical green trunked woodland, perhaps " Goldilocks is here looking for our porridge.

Once out of the forest ew take a look behind to see Clara mountain from the other side. There are  two other walks here, beside the Bearabreifne walk the Clara Loop and the Duhallow Way, so we supposed it was convenient to put all three walks together.

Now we head downhill on a typical beautiful narrow mountain road withi stone walls and a variety of plants growing out from them.

We are happy to be back in Millstreet and we got the passport stamped in Herlihys supermarket. As we are parked alongside the Museum we decided to pay a visit, but not today,as its closedl for 1 week from February 4th. So we will have to make a return trip later in the year perhaps.

It's back to Ballyvourney to Penny, dinner and to spend the night.

Leap frogging cars is time consuming but we are sure of a warm dry bed every night.