castle near toomevara

Saturday 16th February 2019

Distance 11.5

Day 18 Toomevara to Cloughjordan

Track easy

Terrain road

Stamp Centra Cloughjordan


After a night of sickness and very little sleep we took time to settle our stomachs before deciding whether we would walk or rest. After tea and sour dough [locally made] toast, in the Coffee Shop in Cloughjordan we decided to take a short walk. From Toomevara back to Cloughjordan we took a leisurely road walk. As we passed the castle a flock of about 100 starlings in murmuration gave us the lift that we needed. A wood pidgeon told time in his own voice. He arrives each day to remind us that he is the official time keeper, and is affectionately referred to as the time - piece.

We were still feeling weak and tired and decided to call it a day  back in Cloughjordan.timepiece