Thursday 28th February 2019

Day 30 Highwood to Drumshanbo

Distance 33K

Track, Easy

Terrain, roads, green road, canal bank

Stamp,  Killorans Ballyfarnon, Bike Shop Leitrim Village, Centra in Drumshanbo


Thursday 28th February

IMG 20190228 090336Once again the fog was dense as we started out from Highwood. It was a morning for the high visability jackets as 10 yds was the maxium visability. Our first 1.5km in on the road, thejudybussto postman is the only one about this morning and he is getting to know us as this is the second morning that we have greeted each other. We turned into a steep untarred road for a couple of km. and soon it narrowed into a sun-speckled old green road. Perfect walking conditions to get us off to a good day's walking.

It was about 6km altogether to take us into Ballyfarnon Village. We stopped at Killorans Centra where we had our Passport Stamped. The Garage have never heard of it although they are listed on the official website.

From here we headed by road to the high Village of Crossna, where possibly O'Sullivan Beara may have rested in a woodland area before heading on into Leitrim. Then it was downhill into Knockvicer and on into Cootehall. We turned uphill from here and set our sights on Battlebridge and Leitrim Village. The fog lifted on our approach to the Shannon. As we crossed the Bridge our thoughts were with O'Sullivan Beare and his people as they reached this point, 1 km from here to O'Rourkes Castle, their destination and place of rest. Only 35 remaining of the original 1,000 that set out from Glengarriff Co. cork. 16 soldiers, 18 noncombatants and 1 woman, the wife of his uncle Dermot.The scene must have been of relief, joy, but mostly saddness for those lost along the way, or of loved ones left behind in Cork. Our feelings are of joy mixed with the overwhelming emotion of reaching here, following in the footsteps of Donal Cam O'Sullivan Beara, Chieftan, and Prince of Beara and those who respected and followed him. 

A wall is all that remains of O'Rourke's Castle, and there is a small headstone to commerate them, it seems much less than their memory deserves !

We walked 670km to get here from Dursey Island Cable car, and after a hot meal we were recovered enough to walk on. We had our passport stamped in the Bicycle Shop where Eileen opened up especially to greet us and to put a well deserved Stamp in our Passport. The Village Inn who are again named as having the Stamp, don't have it. Back down to Battlebridge we walked the Shannon Blueway along the Canal and onto a floating Bridge into Drumshanbo. This is a perfect family walk, flat, gentle, interesting and enjoyable. It was time to call it a day as we had walked 33 km. We got the Final Stamp of the day in Centra Drumshanbo.

IMG 20190228 152601