Tuesday 19th February 2019

Day 21 Meelick to Clonfert

Distance 9km

Track Easy

Terrain Small roads farmland and some firm bog

Stamp  no stamps available.

black madden castleThere's no sign of George this morning as we set out on our walk. We walked along the Shannon Bank for about 2km before arriving at Meelick Weir and Harbour. It's like a photoblocked style scene and probably busy with River Boats in the Summertime. The remnants of a walk Bridge are still visable. George told us that Germans built it and the Weir,  but now it is not maintained and is unsafe.

We walked along a quiet country road before coming to a stile into farmland, there are cattle in the field and no fence between them and us. We have previously decided not to cross fields where there are any farm animals or where farm manure/ slurry has been spread. We were happy to stay on the alternative quiet country road. Soon there was another section off road on our map, the stile was almost obscured from view here and not intended for walkers. We continued our walk by road and at the opposite side the stile was in full view and available to cross, so anyone walking this section in the opposite direction would have to turn back after crossing several fields as their exit is blocked, not good enough.

From here the Bog road was firm underfoot, so quiet and beautiful. Then we crossed a couple of farmland fields, a bit mucky, but not too bad it's February afterall. It's road walking for the last couple of km's. This is a beautiful walk with no need for any farmland walking.






St. Brendan the Navigator founded a Monastry here in Clonfert for Scholarly studies, and he is buried in the cemetry here opposite the door of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is open during the Summer months only. So another one for a return visit. 

meelick churchmeelick weir

We have decided to call it a day here, as there is no obvious parking place on the next section of the route, so we plan to walk the 28km's from Clonfert to Aughrim  tomorrow, to take it on after 9km's doesn't make sense as we are not in any rush. So this gives us the opportunity to meet up with family once again, Galweigan's this time.