Saturday 23rd February 2019

Day 25 Ballygar to Glinsk

Distance 22.5

Track  Easy

Terrain       road mountain forest track quiet roads

Stamp   Shop in Glinsk village.

stone carvingWe made a decision before leaving Ballygar not to walk any track that would lead us into unknown fields. Having walked part of the Suck Valley Way on a previous occassion encountered very swampy, cattle pot holed farmland along river banks. We used the Ordinance Survey Maps to lead us to Sliabh Mhuire [ Mt. Mary ]. On the southern slopes of the mountain it is said that O'Sullivan Beara and his remaining followers and soldiers stopped to rest after their encounter at Aughrim.plaqueee

 It was January 11th 1603, and there was a very heavy snowfall overnight and a number of people died, either from their wounds, exposure or exhaustion, some stayed behind, some of his soldiers departed for their Connaught homes. There is no plaque or information marking the occassion that we could find. Later in the day a local man told us that in 1963 the Forestry uncovered remains from shallow graves, we had not heard of this important information before.

We headed on through Creggs although this village is a little more than 100 years old and didn't exist during O' Sullivan Beara's time. Later we arrived at Glinsk Castle where O'Sullivan Beara had hoped to be welcomed. But the Landlord here, Mc'David Burke had organised the locals to join forces against him, so there was no welcome here. Later they returned with the flags and Drums from their victory at Aughrim, but the Burkes weren't swayed and forced O'Sullivan and his remaining men to to move on.




old shop

We finished our day's walk here in Glinsk with a visit to the 6th Century Ballinakill Abbey which has very striking stone carvings including a soldier in Battle Dress.

We got our Passport Stamped in Glinsk shop.