Saturday 2nd March 2019

Day 32 Tullynatreve to Belcoo

Distance 15k

Track easy

Terrain   Quiet Roads

Stamp  Market house Blacklion.

redskiesWe began walking this morning at 7 am as we have just a short walk to reach our Final destination. The forecast is for heavy rain, and we are trying once again nature3to outrun it. The Sky created at first, amazing silhouettes, then colours that would not be possible to re-create on canvas. As the Sun Rose 100 photo's would not be enough to capture the Beauty that surrounded us on this the Final Day of our unforgettable Walk from Dursey Island in South West Cork to Belcoo in Co.Fermanagh, taking in all Four Provinces on the Way.

We passed 3 Lakes on the way to Moneygashel. The rain caught up with us so we didn't take time to do any exploring here or at The Burren Park, Lime Kiln, Sweat House, Cave, Giant's Grave all of which appeal to us. This region of the Cavan Way and The Kingfisher Cycle Trail is extreamly beautiful and an area that we intend to explore further at another time. 





lough meelaghOur focus this morning is on getting to Blacklion and Belcoo. As our luck would have it, just as we began our descent into the Town of Blacklion the Sun came IMG 20190302 092319 BURST002out to greet us. We had our Passport Stamped for the last time at The Market House. It is the Bunan Bui [ The Yellow Bittern ] the story of this Stamp is worthy of inquiry. The last Stamp but not the Final Stamp as it was not available. The staff here made inquiries as we deserved to have it in our Passport,  the walk organisors said they assumed that it was here in the Market House, but alas no !

Maybe it met the same fate as the Yellow Bittern. 



The thrill and excitement of crossing The Bridge from Blacklion and into Belcoo and taking the Final Steps on our 32 day walk was worthy of celebration.

Our friend Gerry awaited our arrival and we celebrated in the Hotel with 3 Hot Chocolate and 3 Raspberry Cheesecake, ......worth walking for.......