Friday 1 st March 2019

Day31 Drumshanbo to Tullynatreave

Distance 22k

Track Easy

Terrain  Hilly Roads, Green roads, some main road

Stamp  Skerrie rynns Ballinagleara, loughlins shop Dowra.

honestybox2We set out from Drumshanbo at 7.30am in a bid to out run [walk] the rain. It was a beautiful morning as we took to the Leitrim Way walking route and The Kingfisher Cycle Trail Route. It was a very beautiful and extremely hilly road for 10km. with Sliabh an Iarann overlooking us, and stunning views of Lough Allen below, as the sunshine ripples on the water. This is the second honesty box along our walk, it gives hope ! We arrived at St. Hugh's Well and to the Sweat House nearby. This region is rich in Sweat Houses, which is of great interest to us as we have re-built our old timber one for a stone one. They were once considered to have great healing powers and were usually constructed close to water as this one is. It is in need of some repair, as the roof is caving in. 

From here an old green road becomes our guide, then a number of Stiles took us through some farmland , once the green road now destroyed by farm animals. It was time to head down to the road in search of the Stamp in Skerrie Rynn's pub and Shop in Ballinagleragh. The door seemed locked so we moved on to Dowra where we did have the Passport Stamped in Loughlins Shop. We were told here that we needed to push the Door a bit harder at Skerrie Rynn's. We had a hot lunch across the Bridge in The Melrose as it opens for food on a Friday. Refreshed we took to the road once again as the forecast announces that the weather is soon to take a turn for the worst, and every km. while it's still good is more enjoyable. At Tullynatreave 4km. further on, just as the first droplets of rain made their presence felt we called it a day.



lough Allen