Thursday 31st January 2019

Day 4. Adrigole to Glengarriff.

Distance 18k

Track, wet boggy, loose gravel, tarred roads

Terrain, Strenuous

Passport Stamp, Coomerkane Visitor Centre



Set out at 9 am just as the nights torrential rains were easing. We crossed a bridge over the river Aigole on to wetland our first task was to jump over a small stream where one of us needed a helping hand. The low lying land here was swamped by last night's rain, and although we wore plastic bags in our boots over our socks today the depth of water flowed in over the boot tops....nice.contouredmountain

We came out on to a small mountain road where we took some pictures of a stunning rock formation...perhaps it's a William Turner.

After a few km we turned to begin our accent  rivers of water came towards us, the choice...plough on or retreat. The later is not our style. The going  was slow from here to the snowline. With the use of a rusty sheepwire fence we pulled ourselves up the long swampy grassy incline steep in places. It's a pity about the strand of barbed wire on the top.

We got so hot from the climbing we took off our hats, alas one became a casualt,  never to be seen again.

On the aproach to  the top the snow fell heavily onto yesterday's slush and made the going very difficult. Even Katie Daly would have needed sticks for this one.

The dark lake lay below us, yes we were very tempted to take a cool dip but no, not this time.

defibadrigoleWe walked around the lake then uphill, but not as steep as before a small break for food but the incoming clouds said don't Dilly Dally. So we pressed on down then up again and soon we were on the long final descent.

Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo came to mind as it was loose and slippery underfoot.

We reached the road just as hailstones fell heavily, which turned to even heavier rain.

lakecahamointainsThe 6km narrow roadwalk to Glengarriff in the rain felt like a stroll after the tough climb and heavy terrain.

The weight of our feet indicated to us the amount of water taken onboard.

Wellies may have saved the day,  we didn't intend to go paddling !


A beautiful walk, but not for the faint hearted in January.