Monday 28 January 2019

Distance . 17km                                                             

Passport  stamp Allihies supermarket 

And Dursey island cable car.

Track ; Easy ,/ moderate

Terrain, mixed track / road.

At last the Journey has begun  

Sunday 27th January and we are away south deep South. The weather is looking a  bit dodgy, but we have decided to go for it and let the weather add to the fun. We left at 10.30 and six hours later we are in Glengarriff, a beautiful place indeed.cablecar judy

We drove down seperately  as we are using  the Land Rover to sleep  in and the car to skip    around..We are hungry on arrival and very little is open for food as it's Sunday. However we find a nice Irish run cafe and  settle on a good old fish and chips..         

 So we wait and straight away the one and only other customer engages us in conversation, suffice to say that in about three minutes we were well acquainted .     Ah the old Irish ways, wonderful. 

Bellies full, now its time to move on to Dursey Island where we will spend the night. Its only 20k  so the drive doesn't take long,  we arrived with the coming on of darkness The winds are really  blowing up a storm by now and the jeep is rocking to the powerful rhythms of the air.      Sleep comes easily . 


Day 1. Monday 28th January 2019       

To put it mildly we awake to a windy day, after a beautiful rowdy night swaying to and fro and listening to the sound of waves, rain and  hail. Already we are feeling challenged but excited.

We left the car behind and drove to Allihies. As we are leap frogging we are walking sometimes in reverse.

We walked along the seashore. Then across the Stile and headed up the mountain in the direction of Dursey and the awaiting Penny Panda. The wind resembled the push and pull of the Accordion. As the gale picked up speed it pushed us off the track. And with the sudden drop in speed it pulled us back, almost taking us off our feet. We found the way marking a bit confusing here and had to negotiate our way across the mountain.jim at plaque

On our descent we recognized familiar landmarks in the distance, and headed for the farmyard below. A family of bunnies were scutting about in the sunshine oblivious to uor presence or maybe they had heard we are not meat eaters. Two friendly sheepdogs greeted us in the farmyard.

The next 8km were walked in very heavy rain, which was a good test for the waterproofs, we stopped at the Cable Car Cafe, but alas it's closed for the season. Further along a previously valued Cable Car has become a Chicken Coup in a nearby garden.oldcablecar2



 judy wingsAs we approached Dursey sound the Cable Car was crossing to the island and immediately on arrival it began its return  journey.




We went to the ticket office and bought the 10 euro return tickets, what value ! The five minute journey is operated from the ticket office. 

This is the only Cable Car in Ireland and the only one in Europe that crosses a body of Sea Water. chicken image





This was such a thrilling experience for us and we watched a Cormorant below us fish for his lunch. The sun shone as we set foot on the Island where there are only two people in residence. Farmers use the Cable Car daily as they have sheep grazing on the land. We strolled around while the operator was having his lunch. On our return he put the first Stamp on our Passport.

We returned to beautiful colourful Village of Allihies where we got the second Passport Stamp in the local Village shop.  sllihiesmainstreet

There is lots of signage on the outskirts of Allihies advertising hot food from 12 noon to 9pm everyday. So we thought being our first day that we would treat ourselves to a hot meal in O' Neill's Bar. There were three customers when we arrived perfect we thought, it's an opportunity to have a chat with a few locals. So we asked if there was a menu for the hot food, the owner/barman ? said ...no food... So we said maybe some soup?....no .....so I asked perhaps tea?....nothing...  So  don't be fooled by the signs, and the barman needs some personality training.

We found everyone else in the Village to be very friendly and helpfull, especially in the shop. The Post Office was being unwillingly closed down on the day of our arrival, the distressed post mistress was also very accommodating.

If you want hot food in Allihies in January... stay away from O'Neills........ and......Bring your own.



We were later to learn, that O'Sullivan Beara had hidden the Elderly, the Women and Children  on Dursey Island to protect them from the English. The English upon finding them, bound them back to back, threw them over the cliff and fired their muskets into the survivors.................. All were massacred.