Tuesday 12th February 2019

Distance 15k

Day 14 Ballylanders - to Christ the king monument

Track Easy

Terrain, roads, farmland, forestry

Stamp, O'Neills shop Galbally and Aherlow house Hotel



thatched cottageFrom Ballylanders we walked a quiet country road into Galbally. Somebody has taken the time to give this stretch of road side a lift by planting it with flowersand shrubs. Even putting name tags on some, what a beautiful worthwhile thing to do. In Galbally we had our passport stamped in O'Neills Shop, The woman said that we were the sixth people to have had our passport stamped here. We set out from here towards the Statue of Christ The King. 1.5km outside the village we came to Moore Abbey. Donal Cam O'Sullivan Bere's mother was an O'Brien, so it is reasonable to expect that he would have stopped here at O'Brien's Castle.

The road to the side of the Castle took us along the route to the Aherlow River. this is a beautiful area and Kingfisher's were a frequent sighting this morning, what a thrill ! We diverted our route due to an encounter with a Bull. We have been guaranteed that this route is no longer a part of the way marked route, and now takes the road to the north of the Abbey.judy walking lane

After walking through some farmland we came to a mast, and then down an old road before entering a forest track. Look out for the entry point as the way marked signs were lying on the ground behind the hedge, we did report this one as this section is very pleasurable and a pity to miss. Trees are named with their Botanical names, there are points of interest to encourage younger adventurers, and a good information board, which encouraged us to research further on Charles Bianconi's Mail Coach that took this road as part of it's regular route, we are on the old Coach Road.


After a pot of tea, hot scones and a Stamp for our passport in The Aherlow House Hotel, we were soon out of the forest and along side the Statue of The Christ The King, this is the local landmark that stands tall over The Galtee mts. and The Glen of Aherlow, both stretch out in front of us. We spent some time here in awe of the Beauty that lies before us, and to have some still time and recover from our earlier experience.

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