O Sullivan

Welcome to our site about the experience and travel's on the Beara Breifne Walk in Ireland 2019.

Often referred to as the Irish Camino.


If you have any ideas for the site feel free to contact us.


The Beara Breifne Way is a long distance Walking and Cycling Route in Ireland. It starts out from Dursey Island Cable Car in South West Cork and finishes at Blacklion in Co.Cavan, where it joins the Ulster Way across the Bridge in Belcoo, Co.Fermanagh.

nature3We walked across the Bridge into Belcoo, just to cross into Ulster and to take in the Fourth Provence. The walk lenght  for us was 714 Kilometers, of course this can vary a bit depending on surface conditions etc. Around 40% of the route is off road  for walkers,  this too can be varied by taking roads in place of fields and farmland that are unusable. 

The route is roughly based on the Amazing story of the epic flight of Donal Cam O'Sullivan Beara from his Native Berehaven after the Irish were defeated at the Battle of Kinsale 1601. It is a story of an Irishman's determination to keep his heritage and culture. On his march he had a group of around 1000 people, both soldiers and followers, all hungry and weak after their cattle and food store were taken by the English, but there was no other option....... flight or die.......


We have walked quite a bit over the past few years, Including the Irish Canals, The Grand Canal and The Royal Canal. The Arigna Miners Historical Trail, The Sligo  Way. A walk from our house to Galway.

Also  the Scottish Canals, The Forth and Clyde/and Union Canals,  The Highland Way, from Fort William to Inverness. 

Last year we walked The Camino de Santiago. So, we are feeling fit and we're ready to give The Beara Breifne Way a go. We are aware also that undertaking a walk of this length and timescale is a big undertaking at this time of year (February 2019), in Ireland.

 However hopefully the information we discover, and our experiences along the way will be of help and interest to future walkers.